As Bitstreet approaches 3 years of business, we find ourselves standing at the promising intersection of Block chain based systems, decentralization and block chain enabled services. In a first, person to person financial trading and a sophisticated network stand in highly advanced mode, ready to serve independence and decentralization to traders and users world over.


As we move on, we hope to develop a new thought paradigm in the industry that removes the redundant financial gatekeeping and embraces innovations of the IT age. With block chain enabled services, supplying isometric force to our endeavors, we are going for decentralization through apps based on block chain enabled services. A base that supplements diversity for innovation.

Power of Blockchain

Block chain is known for its ability to transform technology, society, and the world economy. This means that most of the traditional power blocks of the financial world that were hurdles to enterprises will now be over-run. Giving birth to concepts that can revolutionize the world.
Bitstreet respects the power of the blockchain and aims to harness it together with block chain enabled services to create a base for revolution that particularly enables people from a large array of countries and entrepreneurial background to partner with Bitstreet. We admire the different levels of inputs from our users and partners and hope that Blockchain will allow us to create a new world where their enterprise flourishes.


A proper democratization of the world’s business capital will happen when Bitstreet successfully provides them with the right instruments for the generation, innovation, and ascension of their business models. In the heart of it, Bitstreet aims to be the base where block chain enabled services come together to create the world of tomorrow for businesses. A paradigm of optimist changes floating on the back of new age information technology. A base for progressive growth and technical knowledge.

From our white paper days, Bitstreet envisioned itself as a venture that supplements enterprises through applications and trade based on block chain enabled services. A cluster of visionaries, designers, blockchain engineers and financial experts, Bitstreet wants to remain in the growing stage forever as we continue to impact and help our clients and users stay involved in successful entrepreneurship.