Technology Company - In A Fast Paced Environment

An organization like Bitstreet Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is inherently fast paced with very high standards and expectations fueling our work ecosystem. Besides the excitement and growth opportunities, a fast pace environment often results anxiety for their endeavors to deliver the best. We understand that our responsibility towards the various business models is our responsibility towards the world, and therefore, amidst immense delivery pressure and sounds of consolidation coming from the world of block chain enabled service, we maintain the highest employee motivation at Bitstreet.

Curiosity packaged in challenges is how we move forward. The worst thing that an employee can face is the loss of spirit due to lack of challenge in the work structure. Thus, we constantly challenge employees by harnessing their analytical strengths towards data science, market analysis, risk scenarios, sales etc. Therefore, we cherish the intellectual investments that our employee makes. It’s a gesture of stability and active presence for the fast paced environment of our technology company. Whatever improves employee motivation, improves Bitstreet.

Three years into business and we notice that our largely millennial workforce has a propensity for staying into discomfort as remedy against boredom. Therefore, we work towards giving employees deadlines and opportunities to deliver market surveys and project ideas that are discussed and followed up by the admins of each department thoroughly. This gives us the confidence to stay at the top of our game when it comes to employee retention and constant learning of new possibilities, ranging from block-chain applications to consumer IT applications.

This is also the reason why we are learning that pace in our company is handled best when we allow the employee to lead the feedback on their work as far as possible. Once seen as information, feedbacks can be the incredible rungs that raise speed in the work flow-chart and convert role dynamics into personal improvement for the employee.

Lastly, when we see an employee does not feel up to it, we love it. We see great business practice in spending idle chatter on things totally other than business and in encouraging time-off from work for employees. We don’t believe that long hours yield pace for a technology company like us. In fact, what works is that you don’t let the employee feel that they can never get ahead of the job load. For instance, a problem that needs better time management, needs exactly that, and not more hard work.

Bitstreet mostly sees pace as related to employee engagement, and deals with it through employee engagement.