Every IT company comes up against challenges pertaining to hiring and human resource. With issues varying from less experience in candidates to non-effective application study by HR, acquiring the right resources has been a tough task for companies. Yet, strategies in recruitment are seeing a change and things can be made smooth with their implementation.

Job Satisfaction of Your Candidate

One of the most common things haunting a recruitment space is low morale and unsatisfactory engagement of the employee with the organization. While such paradigms are not easy to monitor, various employee studies, questionaries’ will make you understand the level of passion that your organization is able to inspire in the candidate. The action plan to implement the findings of the survey should include the hierarchies in all departments for best results.

Brand Value

Think about this. How far does the remuneration or perks of employment take your employee in her/his personal career journey? The latest in the heart of employees demands association with a company that spells a brand for them in their resume.
While good packages of pay are good for the employee, Bitstreet goes onto have a great professional network image that makes us an upcoming brand name in the world of block chain enabled services. Not to mention, an employee feedback forum with organic reviews does wonders for the candidate application quality.

Tactical Association and HR

One of the best things we at Bitstreet discovered was the expansion of HR department role into the planning and strategy of the company. Unlike traditional ways, we do not see HR as an extension of company administration. We include their presence in tactical business planning and future growth strategies of the company. This simple move allows us to streamline the flow of recruitment
towards better employees with better understanding of their job roles.


Lastly, things became a lot more efficient when our HR department furthered its understanding of government compliance in IT. Compliance has a critical nature that delivers or does not deliver quality in recruitment. There are requirements pertaining to equality, safety, sexual harassment guidelines, working hours etc that make the place conducive for the kind of ecosystem that our human resource deserves at Bitstreet.