Employee Engagement - Why is it crucial for companies

When we talk about employee engagement, we are talking about the energy transaction between the employee and the company operations. We say this based on the premise that a better engaged employee does more than basic duty towards his/her job role. A wonder pill for the status of output that your company makes. A most critical step in the making of positive and healthy work culture for your company.


Employee engagement is critical because it is directly associated with client retention and revenue generation of the company. Bitstreet employees are highly satisfied with us because of the energy sharing that they do with the hopes and goals of the organization day after day, month after month.


At all given times your company is running the risk of up to 30% turnover of present workforce. A sudden move in this direction can actually trigger an emergency plan for your operations within weeks. Not to mention that these people could be the most talented of your bunch, taking the pinch from low engagement the hardest. This means that quality employee engagement is not to be taken lightly if you don’t want a forever wobbling boat of an organization under your command. After all, a fully engaged employee is a pleasure to look at and work with.


As corporates and IT firms evolve, methods and instruments of engagement with the employee have improved. There is a sharp ascension in the number of approaches that were used to build an organic rapport between the company and the recruit. As a basic mantra, keep the engagement simple. Anything other than simple becomes too heavy to float. Once you master a genuine passage to connect the employee with your organization, hold on to it and reflect it against regular employee surveys.