About Us
Bitstreet was incorporated in the year 2015 with a mission to cater the global streets with block chain based найти работу в волгоградеproducts and services. We aim to solve real world problems with our numerous projects.
BSPL believes in outstanding client service and in helping you gather energies on your planning, approach, and placing your product on the online marketplace. We have your back when it comes to delivering you good numbers and wide user likeability across the various platforms.

As a frontline IT services provider BSTL understands that information technology operates through a highly complex system where protecting, updating, storing, and safe processing of information is vital to the functioning of your organization.

IT Application Development
Now like before enterprises across the spectrum are seeing application development to be the elixir of growth in the business. Ranging from the priming of end-user experience, to developing new revenue in-ways or making their enterprises future-proof, the catalyst is application development. Held back by scaled IT budgets, most enterprises are outsourcing application development related services. This is where Bitsreet Technologies can make all the difference as your knowledge partner.
BSTL's main advantage comes with our tactical grouping of technical proficiency, complete domain understanding together with expertise, swift consultation delivery, vast IP assets, and operational methods that result in great value to the client's enterprise.
The amazing opportunity of transferring value or putting a stop to contractual disputes over the Internet—with assurance and security. Block Chain-based business technologies is a much needed revolution in the business world.
BSTL sees great future for block-chain in financial services models. We have the expertise and implementation ability required to help financial companies, technology start-ups and various other models make good use of this paradigm shift technology. Our global team of business technology developers leaders know precisely what benefit block chain will bring to your enterprise and how to put it in place.
How about you simplify your deployments and reduce end-user disruptions while you also save on your budget with our vast series of technical support services.
Technical management and support are provided through the Bit Street command centre round the clock. So that you see improvements round the year.
Not all enterprises understand how vital multi platform digital marketing is to the overall market projection. For instance, mobile marketing for smart phones is a fast rising branch of internet marketing. Give your enterprise the power of mobile marketing to get the personalized touch in your market outreach. Among more traditional marketing models, email marketing is a great leads driver. Give your business this advantage.
At BSTL, we have the professional networks needed to increment the online visibility of your enterprise. Our digital marketing support is engineered to connect your product to the audience, bring conversions, and drive your objective leads.
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The project Keywo with its own block chain-enabled services, Internet Dollar (ITD) proposes a counter-solution against this by providing an ecosystem for sharing true value of a social network. It decentralizes monetization of the content uploaded by the users while proposing a solution to proof-of-content ownership through block chain-enabled time stamping. It builds a virtual real estate of content with a track of ownership transfer and hence a source of rewarding digital labor contributed by the user in a network.

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World’s first search engine that shares revenue with it’s users. SearchTrade is a search engine company which uses block chain solutions to pay users every time they search on the platform. They also allow users to ‘own ‘ keywords which earn income for them every time the words are used as part of a search query by any person worldwide. SearchTrade limits the number of searches per user to 40 per day. It was founded in 2015 by Vishal Gupta and Rashmit Gupta. It is headquartered in Singapore.

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Hold power of the Internet Dollar currency in your ITD wallet.A currency provides both a unit of account and medium of exchange. Since these two functions are inseparable and unavoidable in any economy, ITD is the social currency of the attention economy. It will provide a much needed layer of publicly controlled flow of value. This flow will track every form of content that will have an owner certificate with non-duplicable, irreversible time-stamp as part of the block chain.

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BitPoll is a gaming application that allows you to place opinions on a wide range of opinion polls. Place your opinions using Credits , which are distributed in-App at the time of registration.

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Ticker exchange pioneers as the world’s largest and only platform to exhibit all block chain service names including initial coin offerings.

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We at BitStreet work in small alert teams that are swift, well-organized and focused on quality. The pace is dynamic, the work is stimulating, structure is minimal and growth is much loved.Based out of Santa Cruz in Mumbai Area, BitStreet Pvt. Ltd. has a second office in Hyderabad and various business points world over. – HR

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501, 5th Floor, Crystal Plaza
158-CST Road, Vidya Nagari, Kalina,
Santacruz (E) 


Phone: 02240051741


Monday-Friday: 10:00 – 6:30
Saturday: Alternate
Sunday: Closed